What is American Youth Ensembles?

American Youth Ensembles, in cooperation with Conn-Selmer, Inc., is a network of instrumental organizations offering middle and high school musicians performance opportunities beyond the regular school day in ensembles comprised of instrumentalists who simply enjoy making music.

Our intent is to bring together the most talented, motivated and respected music educators from throughout the United States in an environment designed to support, augment and complement existing school music programs.

We have an existing youth ensemble. Can we join AYE without relinquishing our local control?

Absolutely. This type of affiliation would involve a membership fee, which would be based on the actual services you would require from American Youth Ensembles.

What is required at the local level to become involved as an AYE organization?

Both new ensembles and existing ensembles can choose the level of desired involvement. We offer two levels of Affiliate collaboration and will work with you to adjust these offerings to best fit your needs. At the Full Member level, AYE assumes most of the managerial responsibilities while the local organizers are responsible for locating rehearsal/performance venues, conductor(s) for each ensemble and assuming an active role in the recruiting process.

American Youth Ensembles works with the local organizers in a collaborative process - serving as a consulting source while also providing managerial and financial services. The end result being site managers oversee the rehearsal and performance locations, and for the most part conductors only need to conduct.

Services offered by American Youth Ensembles AYE Affiliate Level 1 AYE Affiliate Level 2 AYE Full Member
Liability Insurance
Guest Artist (Soloist, Composer, Conductor)
Artist Coordination with Local Organizer
Artist Coordination with On-site Management
Access to AYE Library
Design/Print/Mail Recruiting Materials
Design/Print/Deliver Concert Programs
Website Hosting and Management
Collect Tuition Fees
Full Financial Service
AYE Member T-shirt
Priority consideration for participation in special AYE programs

What are "Special AYE Programs?"

Periodically AYE offers opportunities for our members to become involved in special programs - Collaborative Concerts, Performance Tours, or International Cultural Exchanges. These programs are extensions of regular ensemble activities, involve additional fees, and usually occur during the summer.

What are the benefits of joining AYE?

All our ensembles receive a Certificate of Liability Insurance in whatever amount is required for the use of the rehearsal and performance facilities (typically a $3,000,000 policy).

In addition, through our relationship with Conn-Selmer, Inc., you will have VIP access to the Conn-Selmer Artists Series, creating opportunities for your students to interact with professional musicians in both master-class and guest soloist settings. AYE will contract the Guest Artist and arrange the travel, hotel and meals (either in cooperation with a local host or by AYE on-site management).

At the Full Member level all the administrative responsibilities are handled through the American Youth Ensembles office, thereby minimizing the time demands placed on the local organizers. Imagine being able to spend time creating music with student musicians – all of whom want to be there because they enjoy making music – and you, as an organizer or conductor, have no administrative responsibilities!

Most importantly, the American Youth Ensembles network connects you with incredibly talented music educators, all of whom share the same goal - creating positive educational and musical experiences for students. Through this network you have access to organizational, educational and musical support whenever and to whatever degree is desired. The benefits to be derived from your affiliation with American Youth Ensembles are truly limitless!

How do I become involved with AYE?

The short answer is – contact us. If you have access to a rehearsal/performance facility, conductor(s) the area school directors will respect and trust with their students, and the support of some area directors – you are ready to begin the process.

We welcome individuals interested in starting a new program, or existing ensembles who are interested in becoming affiliated with our network, and look forward to working together.